July 1, 2019

"Do It For the Story" | Brian Ford | Self-Improvement Daily

"Tired of going through the motions just to fit in? Life is about so much more than that! Brian talks about his "Doing it for the story" mentality that completely changed the trajectory of his life. What Brian discovers, and what he shares, are the opportunities that await when you simply put yourself out there. You never know what might happen or what you were missing! Brian is passionate about making a difference one choice at a time. He believes that small factors compound to create large results, and he has dedicated his life to improving everything within his influence. With his work in RecoverX, Self Improvement Daily, and Volunteer Davis, Brian continues to make an impact on a personal basis and hopes to scale that impact as his career progresses." - TEDx

Visit Brian at https://www.selfimprovementdailytips.com/.

View Brian's TEDx talk below:


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