July 22, 2019

Billionaire Naveen Jain | Life On the Moon, Making Chronic Disease a Choice, and Creating a World of Abundance

Naveen Jain (@naveenjainceo) is a billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world's biggest challenges through innovation. A man who knows no limits, Naveen pushes big dreams into action, spurring massive cultural and technological change. His audacious vision and magnetic personality continually inspires others to follow what feels impossible.

The founder of Moon Express, World Innovation Institute, iNome, TalentWise, Viome, and several other companies, Naveen sees beyond the current business and technological landscape, creating companies that make a true impact.

Visit Naveen: http://www.naveenjain.com | @naveenjainceo on Instagram | *Moonshots* book on Amazon | Viome.com

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Naveen Jain
[1:44] All right. My guest today is billionaire CEO Naveen Jain.
Naveen is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world's biggest challenges through innovation.
A man who knows no limits, Naveen pushes big dreams into action, sparing massive cultural and technological change.
His audacious vision and magnetic personality continually inspires others to follow. What feels impossible.
The founder of Moon Express, World Innovation Institute, I know talent wise Volume and several other companies.
Naveen sees beyond the current business and technological landscape, creating companies that make a true impact.
Naveen Jane, Welcome to the show. The magnetic personality is already on full display as we were talking before we even hit record loving it already. Naveen Welcome.

[2:33] Thanks a lot, John. First of all, you need that stuff from this is like that.

[2:38] That's what I think it's from. I think it's from your website. And then I make changes as I, as I deem fit.
Of course, all factually Ah, you know, accurate. But you know what you like? The way I read it.

[2:49] I know I love your wife. I put more than that. I've been wondering who wrote that. I gotta go forget to stop sex.

[2:56] That's Ah, that's all you, buddy. But people can find you. I want to make sure people can find you before we get started.
Naveen jane dot com at Nuveen Jane CEO on instagram If they just type in Avian Jane on. Even like Twitter and the other pot farms, they'll find you very easily.
We've been capped on Lincoln for a long time. We can find you there and then moonshots your book.
You'll find that on Amazon and all your other companies. If they just looking up. Volume and I, I highly recommend people. Check that out show. And we're gonna talk about that today.
But Moon Express is the first thing on our agenda.
Right you are. Moon Express is like the first private company given permission to travel beyond Earth's orbit.
What is the reason for going to the moon?

[3:42] But many, many reasons and frosting Is that obviously sailing the humanity from potential extinction?
So if you think about it, all 9,000,000,000 off once lived on a single spacecraft we lovingly call planet Earth.
Now imagine if our space club gets damaged because, you know, large asteroid hits us.
We'll be pretty capable people. We may just do it ourselves.
And then what? It's not about that. You know, people say I'm worried about our platter, and my answer is, don't be so damn egotistic.
This planet will be just fine.
Worry about the human species just like that dinosaurs if we think about, you know, dinosaurs were much more bulkier baby species.
And then the asteroid hit. That dinosaur species got completely wiped out, and planet did just find a planet. It's so fine it created humans.
I imagine next time when that happens and that humans get wiped out, don't worry that maybe the planet will create superhuman something, right?
But the point is, if you could hear a dinosaur rolling in their graves, what would daily say it? They had one good entrepreneur dinosaur.
They would be roaming on the moon and Mars and beyond So let's not be that Minnesota didn't get to go Be one, you know, beyond the orbit.

[5:02] And the second thing really is that it is, you know, we as humans on explorers, we have explored all seven continents off the planet Earth.
Why not think of the moon as our it continent?
Why should we limit ourselves to one planet?
Because at the end of the day, the scarcity that we find in our mind set is because we start to believe this is the only place we belong. This is the only place we can live.

[5:32] And, you know, it's like people aren't you couldn't live on the rest of Mississippi. Me? That's not how it works.
What if we could find a way to live on the moon as a first step in store to be lived on the Mars and to be able to live another galaxy?
There is absolutely no reason we can't do that. The only reason we can't do something is because we believe we can't do that. I took to me.
Going to the moon is not just about physically going to the moon off course. We will do that, but it's symbolic of what humans are capable of doing what individuals like you and small group of people are capable of doing.
It is simply that four minute mile problem and a one person show that can be done.
The tens of people who will do that the next time. In fact, they will use their the beast to be able to go for their beyond.

[6:23] I have a big follow up question of this. But you see, like the first however many years on Earth, like there wasn't a whole lot of technology or fancy technology that there wasn't even cars until the early 19 hundreds.
But things have just started compounding on on each other the past on 100 years.
And now we have We go from no cars, like 120 years ago. Two now spaceships. And we're talking about living on the moon.
Is there is it possible that what is driving this technological innovation, right? Like all of a sudden. And what are what are its limits?

[7:00] So personal days. You know, there has never been a better time to be alive in the human history.
This is the first time in human history we have multiple set off. Exponential technologies are converging together at the same time.
So it's not just one technology at the time it is, You know, the sensors are becoming foster and cheaper artificial intelligence is becoming more and more powerful.

[7:26] And you're starting to see the things that you used to be physical,
are becoming digital, and that any time something physical becomes a digital,
it actually starts to take a past part of an exponential curve, because the instrumentation allows the war and war information to be learned from more and more data.
So I invited it that particular phenomena is happening in every industry. So you look at health care.
We always thought of human beings as this physical entity.
But if you think about it, maybe a basically a biochemical activity.
So once you can understand that a biochemical level, every single thing that's happening inside our body and we can digitize this human body, then it's simply becomes in math and chemistry problem.
The mission, you know, what the chemistry is when people get sick, what the chemistry in used to be when people are healthy and they use the match, which is artificial intelligence,
to be able to marginally duo sticks, whether we use crisp or whether we use food as a medicine, whether we use some type of other biochemicals to put in the body, which are called drugs.
But the end of the day, it's simply as opposed to trial and error.
It becomes a very simple, exact mathematical sites, and when that happens, no longer you have to worry about.
Would we live Toby 100 years and be healthy? You have to wonder, Can we live as long as we want without ever being sick?
What if the sickness actually becomes a choice?

[8:55] And that's simple phenomena happening in every industry?
You look at the automotive you mentioned, so you know, you look at the thing that cars used to be physical thing that are driven by mechanical stuff.
Now they're becoming a software on Reese that is now everything is driven by software that you can update.
The software is talking to other software, and the cars are communicating with each other and suddenly they become self driving cars.
And not only that, this snaps automotive industry, it is started. Disrupt the construction industry because once the cards are communicating, taken dr very close to each other that miss, you don't need to build as many routes.
Not imagine all the cars that used to be parked in the class able that the prime real still in the parking lot.
The cars can come and relieve them. What happens to the housing industry? What if you can convert all the parking lots into affordable housing?
Certainly the whole Ivy are having a limitation of housing booze away.
We haven't even explored our home planet. What if you can live on them on the water? What if we can get him anywhere? My point is.

[10:00] How could we do that?

[10:02] What we do is call ships. It's got it is proving my point is it is about simply about what is possible.
Even the people who love you like my mom will tell me, Sonny, you're so bright, you can do anything. The sky's the limit.
But guess what? She put this guy as the limit because she believes that some bed and that no one can cross and the fact is, this guy is nothing but a fiction.
It is is simply a imagination that we clear this guy.
This guy's nothing but the light that's actually floating out there.
But you don't go from here to the moon and say, Hey, Mom, just past the sky, the point is re cleared.
The disguise. In our real life, everything becomes 1,000,000,000 that we create for ourselves because these fictitious imaginary boundary becomes the limit that we can't cross and for each person that can become different.

[10:58] Well, let's go beyond the sky with my follow up question here that I had.
Is it possible then, to eventually have some sort of machine that is powerful enough has enough capabilities to make it to another galaxy? Is that is that out of the question?

[11:16] Absolutely not. I mean, you would argue that humans can do that.
I mean, if you just go back and look at 100 years ago, people said, Oh my God, the horse is the best that can happen in the human body Ever work to go more than 20 miles an hour,
the human body will explore.
So stop people said that we just go. People say the human body will explore if we were to travel at 40 miles an hour speed.

[11:36] People said that?

[11:44] The human body cannot take that much fresh, you know?
And obviously we all know we can travel on a plane. We could travel on a bullet train. The human body that explored it is the same thing that people said the human body cannot run in a mile under four minutes.
It wasn't impossible boundary to cross, and we buy the reading of the same people.
You know, many people if you go back and look at what was predicted, people will always look at what is there.
And the thing maybe in cream innately can get little better.
But it can never be 10 acts 100 x better.
It is always the limitations on the expert mind that keeps you in the current mindset.

[12:23] What is a moonshot? Wanna talk about that concept then from your book? And what's the importance of a moon shot?

[12:32] Well, first of all, I mean, look, here you are. You created this growth mindset like me. Growth mindset is what allows everyone to believe that every audacious idea is possible.
That mean shots are those audacious idea that on the surface look impossible or very difficult? And people see Oh, my God, it is like going to the moon. It can't be done right.
And that is really the moon. Shots are for each person can have a different moonshot and these moon shots every one of them responsible.
Once you start to believe it is possible there many people, the first thing you have to visualize, you have to be able to live in that war.
And if you can start to live in the world you want to create, you can create that world even though the people who are in the different war will tell you this person is hallucinating.
This person has what they call alternative universe that they're living in.
But to you, this such a clear idea of where you are and how you completed that mindset, how you can create the world that you want.
So to me, these moon shots of these audacious idea that each one of us can go out and do it because we believe they are possible.

[13:47] So you think it's of vital importance for everyone to have a moon shot, then?

[13:52] Absolutely. Because to me, life is not worth living.
If you don't have a purpose in your life and your purpose is your moon shot.
If you wake up in the morning and you don't jump out on the bed, they go do something different that makes you jump out of the bed. I don't care what you're doing.
If you're not jumping out of the back, you're working on something wrong.

[14:15] Really? Yeah. So you're jumping out of the bed, Nuveen?

[14:18] I jump on the bed at 4 a.m. Every day.

[14:20] Uh huh. Wow. 4 a.m. Gosh. When you go to bed, then 10. Okay, so let me say 11. So that's Ah, six hours. You function well on foot. Sex, Yeah.

[14:29] Six hours.

[14:32] A very good and remember front. The good thing about me is I hit the pillow and I am out.
These no distress is no anxiety because to me, the anxiety and stress and these things happen when you don't.

[14:46] Believe in yourself when you don't Somehow you believe something external is the one that causing you to have that stress.
The fact is, only you have the power to make yourself angry.
Only you have the power to make yourself a stress. Really, you have the power to make yourself happy.
No one else in the world. So when we are there and say something or someone makes us happy,
you have all year than is given the remote control of your happiness so that he or that person, right and happy, unhappy they control you.
But the fact is, what if you can dry the happiness from inside you?
There's nothing in the world that can ever make you unhappy. You could be in the most miserable dark corner.
And if you're happy, you bring that happiness with you. And if you hate yourself and you are angry with yourself, you could be in a paradise and still be unhappy.
So to me, the first thing one has to do in life is to fall in love with themselves.
The day you fall in love with yourself is the day the world will fall in love with you and falling in love with me being set itself considered falling in love is no longer looking for someone's approval That would what you do.

[16:02] Vivian. I'm curious. What is your educational background like? What's your degree? Certifications and.

[16:09] Not another thing that I've ever done in my life. In fact, my first company I started was in computers. Never seen the computer in my life.
So to me, the education is great and I love the idea off. Everyone having a great foundation. Education.
Education is a plan B off life. It is everyone off us who does a high wire act always have a safety net under them.
That safety that is called education, right? So everyone should get a great education, and then you are gonna do the high wire act, but no, when you fall in, accepting 1,000,000.

[16:43] Do you believe that the education system needs to evolve?

[16:46] Education system doesn't need to evolve. At a matter of fact, it needs to be re part.
And we created right, So So first thing Simple.
If you look at our education system, it is not broken.
It isn't. It is fundamentally doing exactly what it was designed to do.
It was designed to teach us skills. And it doesn't amazing job of teachers teaching us the skills.
The problem is, we're living in this world of exponential technologies.
We're every skill that we learned becomes obsolete by the time we graduate.
So that means now we have to rethink education from, as opposed to teaching skills, about learning to learn learning to solve problems.
Because most problems tend to be multi disciplinary. That means you can no longer be unit disciplinary. You have to have knowledge and multiple disciplines.
You have to learn to be collaborative.
You have to learn to really be a doctor and this whole idea off,
today in our education system, I'm sitting in an exam and I see he Jordan what might be the best way off solving this problem and everyone thinks, Oh yeah, that's shooting and you do the same thing at work.

[17:59] And ah.

[18:00] You do the same thing at work today. What did people say?
Amazing team player like So my point is, these are exactly that.

[18:06] Wow. Look at that.

[18:10] Well, you can start to think about how to really went education, how to reinvent help here, how to create abundance off fresh water, abundance of energy, the abundance off land.
There is no reason for us to live in this scarcity because the scarcity comes because we believe something is finite.
What is finite? You fight over what we fighting this award.
We fight our energy, we fight over land we fight over water.
The fact is, all of those things you look up are in abundance.
Our planet Earth is a tiny dot a pale blue dot in our own solar system.
Our solar system is a no tiny build out in our galaxy.
Our galaxy is this tiny dot in our universe. And our universe may be a tiny dot in this multi worse. Where is this?
That's always scarcity. People talk about.

[19:07] Right. Well, you talk about learning howto learn.
How did you go about learning the gut? Microbiome, which your company via is found it on? Of course. Education of the gut Microbiome. And you talk about that all the time.
Whereas you How? Where? Why? What about learning? They got my car bomb.

[19:30] So, first of all, it's not about gut Microbiome. It is about learning about what's happening inside the human body and the only reason we started out with the gut Microbiome.
Because if you look at the human body off all the geese that are expressed in the human body, about 22,000 come from the human being that we get from our bombing dead theme.
1,000,000 come from the microbes, which are the bacteria, the east and the fungus in the bull.
40 trillion of them living inside our got 3,022,000.
That means we're less than 1% human When it comes to our all the genes that are expressed in a human body, Really this walking, talking equal system And one would argue that were basically a portable container for these microorganisms.
They created us for their own benefit so they can go out and spread right. So think of it from their perspective.
We are nothing but a Petrie dish.
They control who we are. They make us crave the food they want. They make us think like they want.
And if we don't behave in their way, they make us sick right? I mean, that's really what it is like. You don't do what I want.
I'm gonna make you sick, so you die. So I'm gonna find you.
I'm gonna find a new post, will take about care of us.

[20:52] And the way we poop everywhere. And we spread them around that maybe one would argue. I can't even go there.
People talk about, you know, us having this spiritual soul that never dies.
What if that it's spirituals? Soul is these microbes. They simply move from one host to another host, but they never That may be our soul.

[21:15] Well, that's something I've never thought about before. I think about it with, you know, with volume.
There's no I wrote this paper a couple of years ago called There Is No Profit in Good Health and there there isn't I mean, cancer alone is is what?
How many $1,000,000,000 oven industry, like it's cancers of very profitable disease,
and pharmaceutical companies, I believe, are not a don't exactly have the best intentions in mind.
That kind of they kind of create drugs to keep you on them.
And they cause, ah, whole host of side effects that you have to take more of their drugs for it, like a subscription model. And as you say, then people are popping more pills than blueberries, and that's kind of messed up is.
But you say chronic disease is optional. Is that really true?

[22:11] Absolutely 100% truth to think of it this way. Right, everyone, If I were to tell you Jordan being healthy is a choice. Would you ever argue with that?

[22:22] I wouldn't because I take control. I've taken control of my health many years ago. I eat.
I eat pretty perfectly. I rarely have grains. It's a lot of green stuff. I I eat right, Yeah.

[22:31] But it doesn't matter. Being healthy choice. That means being sick is a choice.

[22:38] So I'm trying to say is Look at this week. If you're not born with a disease, how is it that we start developing agencies?
So you're dealing from the time you were born, Largely stays the same until time you die.
One day you wake up in the morning and say, Honey, Oh, my God, I'm starting to I got diabetes. Maybe my d n e changed or my auto immune diseases flaring up. I'm gonna check my d n. I received my B energy. The answer is D N A has not changed.
Your genes don't change. Your gene expression is constantly changing. And what is making them change? It is really is everything. We are exposing our party.
What is that? The food the dearly, Bree.
Right? So every single thing that we do to our body is what causes our body into having this values gene expression change.
You've got my groups are changing because you eat the food and this idea that you mentioned that they somehow this healthy food is the one that actually is being proven to be wrong.
There is no such thing as universal, healthy food. Ah, food that is good for Jordan may not be good for Naveed.
A food that's good for now. We may not be good for me even six months from now, because yeah, so as my body is constantly evolving and changing, the food that used to be good for me becomes back for me. So think about it.

[24:03] It's finished the green stuff you mentioned. Spinach actually is harmful to me.
And here's why. Because my gut enzyme cannot digest oxalic acid that is very high in the spinach for me right now, the things that are causing me grief under thing that you would consider healthy.

[24:24] And because my gut has an apple wireless that actually is causing inflammation if I keep eating apple and feeding that wireless.
So it tells me that you do a y own past.
We not only tell you what is going on inside you got So we tell you how much beautiful you're producing, how much LPs they're producing.
How much off the in a bypass. And you're producing how much of ammonia you're producing, How much appear to senior producing everything that's going on?
And then, Mr Doina, these 10 things are really, really bad for you now, why are you producing them?
And we go back and look at the stuff and say, Oh, if this food is being meta belies or synthesized into this this molecule So we say, Hey, don't eat that.
Quoting that you thought was really good for you because that Putin is not being digested instead is going to your microbes and it's fermenting that protein in tow. Ammonia and Peterson that is actually causing your inflammation.
So lay off that protein that you think is good for you, Leo are In fact, you should be eating more red need because you're my co ops are not converting the Cooley and.

[25:32] Carnitine into the P M. E.
And the PM is not getting absorbed in the body that produces T M E O, which is what's causing the heart disease that we're not partisan t ime.
We tell you t l a school that miss if you're not producing enough d m e enjoy or red meat as much as you want.
So it is not about good or bad.
Food isn't good for you or bad for you, And that is literally the science has completely changed now.
No longer you can just say, Hey, I'll be eating healthy because it had You have to know what is healthy and there's interesting when Jordan is that when I changed my diet, what happens is think off your,
microbiome as a bunch of these chemical reactions that are happening as you are changing your food.
They're changing and adapting themselves.
And once they adapt the things that used to be a low quantity, you start to feed them and they start to grow, and now you have imbalance on the other week.
Now you have to go back and stop meeting the other thing so you can keep this balance and keep your body tune.
So people say, How often do I have to do this? Destined? My point is like, How often do you to your car at least once a year?
You can't say it to my car. 10 years of what he did to my car again.

[26:48] Uh, I I will say Gosh, funny. Funny. Make that analogy. I went. Ah, there. There were three years where I did not get my car.
Ah, I didn't bring my car in for a service, and I brought it in in January and it needed over $2000 worth of stuff, and it's only afford it's only if it's a 4 2014 Ford Mustang.
And so it was as if I was bringing in a Porsche. So that's what happens with your body to write. Like you don't you go 10 years without having that checkup or your volume test. Right?
And, bam, you got a bunch of things wrong with you, so.

[27:25] And by the repair shop for that thing is called Emergency Room.

[27:29] Oh, yeah, that's not good. We don't want to go there.
Uh, so you can find out all the foods that are good for you and bad for you. Correct? With your violin tests.

[27:41] And why the beauty of the thing is we just don't tell you.
Hey, here are the food she should've wide here on the phone. You should eat. Here is what you should enjoy hearing what you should minimize. We tell you why.

[27:52] So it's not a black box. It actually tells you years of leading what is going on.
And that's, you know, from our perspective, the honest, simple mission.
Jordan, as you mentioned, our whole mission is to make chronic disease purely a matter of choice, not a macro bad.
Now we came to live from a belief system that once we start to understand what is causing people sickness, we can add just a human body so that you will never get sick.
And we want to clear that what we want to be. Part of the words and everyone was listening to this.
My ask of them is if a couple of millions off us can come together, the artificial intelligence will have all the data that it needs for us to be able to eliminate corner decisions for the whole humanity,
that Miss couple of 1,000,000 of us can help 9,000,000,000 people live a healthier life.

[28:45] You know, Obviously not only you get better. Everything since you join.
To help us understand why you're being sick, it has everyone else get better.
So you're contributing to the benefit of humanity.
And that to me, just an amazing party not to be part off, something that not only helps you but also helps everyone else imagine living in that world.
Were you gone? My eyes no longer having Alzheimer, Parkins, and no longer is suffering from all the corners of the siege, is taking all these drugs that are making them sick.
Imagine the people who lost their lives because of depression or the cancer.
I mean, what if that never has to happen? There's no reason where are bloody to have against it. Will we have.

[29:33] Yeah. Continue. No, no, can't it? Only cancer only happens because.

[29:37] Cancer happens is because our immune system is no longer killing themselves.
That normally would happen, and now, especially in many of the cancers they have clearly sure it actually happens from the gut. Microbiome, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer.
They showed the microbiome in the breast cancer or I'll cancel or 1,000,000,000 cancer. And wouldn't more of these cancer?
Not only the cancer is caused by the Microbiome.
In fact, now they have shown that even the therapy for cancer, how effective this is also depends you got microbiome that miss immunotherapy effectiveness or chemotherapy. Its effectiveness.
And here's the most interesting part I learned in the last authorities.

[30:21] The drugs that beauty, even for the diseases like Parkinson's in many people that drugs like L dopa levodopa is actually gets eaten by microbiome, and it's essentially has no effect on you.
So imagine the drugs that we take the second. This is sure the most common drugs, their side of front and effectiveness depends what happens in your gut. So imagine you popping a pill.
It goes into this chemical factory, and the molecules that grinder drug get converted into something different Now, depend what you got does with it either. It works, doesn't work. We'll have more side effects or less side effects.
So point is, will be taking this drug that is designed for 9,000,000,000 people that Mrs designed for no one.
It just happens to be randomly work on some people. And that is literally what we do today with a e sting.
Give it to people. Some people, it works on 20%. Efficacy is considered very effective. Drug that miss on 80% of people not only doesn't work, it only harms them.
And another 20% of abstinence also harm Step and Jordan, I think you started this conversation and I think the best way our medical industrial complex has no incentive together enough chronic.
The season when someone gets a corner decision, they young like you tow them is a lifetime subscriber.

[31:48] They have a bottom the secret chin. Lifetime subscriber, Right.
Whether you have diabetes, whether your obesity, whether you have heart disease or high blood pressure, it doesn't matter. They got a lifetime subscriber, so they have no reason to ever kill you Read. Pharmaceutical companies have become parasite on humanity.
What would he manage? You humanity will come together to kill the parasite.
And that's our hope is to be able to do that to kill these parasites and keep prevent Corning decisions and rivers corn in the cities. And I have no doubt in my mind.
In the next 10 years they will be no corn and disease.
And I'm not suggesting whether Wild will be able to do that or not.
But we know for sure the work that we're doing is gonna move the humanity forward far enough that someone is gonna come and stand on our shoulders taking across the finish line.
So even if we feel we believe, still contribute to making the humanity that.

[32:45] So the antibiotics I want you to explain.
You really know just how bad they are can be for a person. And is there any scenarios where you should take antibiotics?

[33:00] Absolutely so that they are one of the worst thing you can do to your human body because they're like coin the nuclear bomb inside your body, right?
It kills the bad guy, and it gives all the good guys how absolutely good Gut microbiome is constant, like throwing a nuclear bomb.

[33:12] A. SZ faras The gut microbiome is concerned, right?

[33:18] However, the invention off antibiotics is being the one of the best invention ever.
Today we will not be alive if it wasn't for antibodies, so there are times you absolutely will have to take it.
But the overuse of antibiotics is really what's causing problems.
Then we're spraying the life soul on our stuff races, these bacteria becoming more and more resistant to these anti virus.
So the more we delay, the more resistant they become, in fact, keep morphing themselves so Nami to come up with a stronger and stronger antibiotics.
And then they keep evolving because, unlike us, they won't really really, really fast, so they can outsmart every anti violence that we're taking.
Interesting thing is 90% of the time when it'd take anti virus is not necessary. For example, when the child has a year infraction, these very like good likelihood that if he can, Probably that little bit appeal.
The 89% chance that we'll get body will take care of that. And there are times you absolutely need anti virus.
So I'm not the guy you see. You know, your end time. I'm anti vaccine, anti anti antibiotics. No, I'm saying these absolutely times you need them.
But don't just rush into it the first time you start coughing and Department of Public that divided dad in what's happening right now, and that needs to be stopped.

[34:41] Absolutely. We're overdoing it, but that, you know, you do mention like I have another scenario than where you should take antibiotics.
We were talking off the area about that flesh eating bacteria that the,
vibrio or however you say V I B R I O that you absolutely would be a fool not to get on those antibiotics right away because it will kill you in a matter of days.
And even with the antibiotics, it still kills a one out of three people that contracted. That's Dad.
So let's not overdo it.

[35:31] Aren't painkillers like a leave really bad for your gut Flora gut microbiome as well?

[38:14] Absolutely. I want to talk about another factor in the gut. Microbiome.
That is because you mentioned you mentioned with some sort of spray or something. But I like Saul. Yes, we're like that stuff I believe to be really bad from my understanding, I believe.
I mean, do I act like Sorry it started. Say, dude, that was a little informal, huh? I just a passion about this movie, and I'm passionate about it.
My my father is a general surgeon, my mother's nurse, two uncles that air doctors as well.
So, like, I am from a health background. And I love going on and I h and pump slash pub med dock of and just having fun on there, that was That's what I've been doing for years.
So soaps, right? I act like whatever goes on my skin lotion soap, shampoo, I act, I pretend as if I'm eating it,
because that sheep shampoo that's like, two bucks You get our maybe like, Pantene is gonna be really, really bad for your gut.
Microbiome. Is that true? Does it permeates your skin, right.

[39:22] First of all days. Also, they skin microbiome that's on top of this kid.
So when you use the antibacterial soap, you're literally killing all of the skin Microbiome.
And in fact, they showed in many of the skin diseases come from inside from the inside out, and lot of them are tropical.
So you start to see a lot of the topical skin diseases that may come from the skin Microbiome but the beautiful this can already start.
You got s So the beauties from inside is actually it's too.
But so we have, in fact, shown that a lot of times people are fixing then Flynn, it's in the gut.
They actually goes over. The examine goes away and that to me, someday we'll be able to solve that problem.
But just you're absolutely not really. The skin is the largest organ. The things you put on our skin on, absorbed in the black.
So interesting whether you are also putting. And I'm not suggesting people don't shower. I'm not suggesting people don't put the order in, but know exactly what it does. It gives the microbiome.
The fact is that really your strap smells because the microbiome and kill that.
Sure you may not A smell, but other damage that you're doing is still going to be done.

[40:31] Absolutely no V and I got a moonshot question for you. We've been talking health for a little while now, Ken. Humans live thio age say, 120 consistently.

[40:43] And the answer is why? 120. So because I mean, if you think about this is the this is nothing in the natural body that we should absolutely stop living at certain age.
You know, if you go back up 100 years ago, 1000 years ago, we were living to be 20. That people.
Oh, my God. What if you could live to be footing? What if you could live to be 50 and I still wanna move on our young and someone will tell me Oh, my God.
You know, he's 50 years old and thinking, Oh, my God, he's so old. Right?
And now here I am sitting here. I'm gonna be 60 in two months, and I'm thinking I'm having I'm having a time off my life, right?

[41:18] Does not seem like it.

[41:23] There's nothing here that I feel I cannot do.
Guess what? Many years from now, people are gonna be sitting here at 180 saying, Oh, my God, what is it that people used to talk about your old?
I am barely in 19 site, right, because there's no reason for us to die.
The aging happens from many, many reasons. Our cell division starts to go wrong. Some of the mutations that starts to happen, some of the oxidative stress that starts to happen.
One. Remember, in the next decade, we're gonna have the nanobots inside a body,
that are constantly cleaning up all the Senate's them cells that are constantly cleaning up all the mass in the body, constantly releasing the stem cells that are repairing every single organ that has been damaged because of many of the things we're doing to ourselves.
So you don't have a constant repair of the body all the time.
Our body is going to be constantly as if this is the village. Years is constantly being repaired, constantly being maintained.
And if you maintain the car and repair, have Legler repair.
You will never have to go to the emergency room under repair shop.
And that, I really think well stocked what happened there.
And also you have to ask yourself, what is it that makes us human that we want to live for a long time?
Is it our physical body?

[42:48] Because the point is that body from the time we have warned to the time you get all this constantly changing so What is it that you want to live for? A long time, right?
If it's your d n A is already survived to your children.
So if it is your if you replace your knee, is it still Jordan? If you replace your still Jordan Lee replaced, you shorted I Easton Jordan.
You're teaching your heart, Mr Jordan. You can deliver is what one day sampling come in. Jordan is your memories and experiences. What makes you who you are, right?
What if we can upload your memories and experience?
And what if that can be on five different bodies?
And what if all they're synchronized with high Ben Bert and you'll see everything You are visualizing everything you're hearing everything and your brain is processing everything are you were the five place at the same time.
So your mother saying, Jordan, you cannot be in two places at the same time. Mama, I can't.

[43:46] I just had Ah, really interesting thought that.
Like, Okay, when you get new phones now, I use use iPhone. Right. I got an iPhone when you get a new phone, you know, because everything's on. I cloud, right.
Like I just get the new phone. And I remember being at the Verizon store a couple of months ago, and I'm like, Wait, everything's already on here as they wait.
What, like this is It was my exact same phone. Everything. Was that all? 8000 photos, right.

[44:21] Now imagine that's not that's Jordan's body. What if Jordan suddenly gets a new body?
Imagine someone else working off every day. The gym I'm taking who? That'd be nice, Jordan.

[44:32] What?
That's good. The ravine. We got another moonshot question living on the moon.
Do you think when when is this a possibility and houses a possibility?

[44:47] In the mess. 10 years with absolutely not only living on the moon, I believe we're gonna have a baby born on the moon where their parents are gonna be looking up and say We come from that plant, right?
And that's literally, you know, people have this idea of living when the moon is Somehow it's going to be really living in these bios fares. That's not true at all.

[45:08] Questions people ask, depending on what question you ask, the problem you saw.
So people say you can't live on the moon are missy that you're not gonna solve that problem. If you say, What would it take us to for us to live on the moon there, who ticks?
But people say, How are you gonna live because the high radiation.
So let's solve that. Because we know these bacteria that is growing in radio after nuclear least,
that Miss Nature has already figured out how to protect its diani from very, very high radiation and used a radiation of the source of energy.
Now, if we can take the bacterial genes from these bacteria, modify our genes using crisper, become radiation resistant completely.

[45:52] Now, the next question people say, Well, then how are you gonna blow the food on the moon? And that, to me, is the wrong question.
Instead of asking how we view the food of the moon, what if we were to ask, Why don't we eat food?
And when you ask, Why do we eat food? Then the solutions are very different.
We need energy and we need nutrition. What if we can get energy from radiation or photosynthesis, just like plants? Do?
What if we can't? What nutrition do we need? Hydrogen Nitrogen. If there is a water, don't we already have a hybrid in an oxygen?
Now the problem of living on the moon is simply about finding enough nitrogen or taking enough nitrogen, and that's it.
But my point is, you can take a very complex problem by asking different set of questions.
You can start solving these problems so the Ansari not only will be living on the moon next 10 years, it will become so routine that honeymoon will really become about taking your 100 to them.

[46:50] Mmm. Fascinating. Well, Levine, I had such a great time talking to you today. Time just flew by. Were you not around 45 minutes? It just seemed like nothing.
And we just got along right from the get go.
And people can find you again. Vivien jane dot com Attn.
Avian Jane CEO on instagram Any other social media platform? You're there as Twitter is a good one to follow you on and then volume dot com for your gut testing kit and anywhere else. Naveen.

[47:23] You can find me anywhere you have to find than a social media. If you want to know more about Moon Express, go the moon express dot com.
And please do join me on joining this movement to get rid of Corning Besieges and do Goto Wyandotte comedy. Reardon Victor, I am Dr.

[47:39] Awesome. Well, Nuveen, I have to thank you for choosing to solve these difficult problems for humanity and because,
I mean, you could very easily just rest on your laurels and have a good time and and do, ah, you know, just just do nothing.
Hang out on the beach, hang out with Mark Petrie and I, you know, just going out with Mark, our friend of the podcast friend, um of both of ours last week.
You just you just You just enjoy life pure glutton and fun. But you don't. You choose to solve these really challenging problems that require a lot of research and a lot of work. So thank you for that.

[48:18] Thank you, Jordan, for bringing the message. A message of hope and message of growth to the world. So thank you for doing what you're doing.

[48:25] You're the man selling to be. My final question is, if you could teach a course at the university course of your creation or otherwise, what would it be?

[48:32] I was gonna be about gunshot thinking.
How do we asked a different question? As an entrepreneur, don't focus on getting the light answer focused on,
asking the right question and dream Really so big that people think you're crazy and you know, you only feel when you give up, so just never give up.

[48:52] Naveen Jane? You're the man. Thank you very much.


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