June 17, 2020

Lessons I've Learned from Our Guests | James Altucher, Robert Greene, Derek Sivers. Naveen Jain, Dan Millman, Amanda Slavin, Alex Banayan, Rand Fishkin

Jess Larsen, the chairman at Graystoke Investments (a real estate investment trust), interviewed me on his podcast to discuss the lessons I've learned from recording almost 200 episodes of Growth Mindset University. We talked about James AltucherRobert GreeneDerek SiversNaveen JainDan MillmanAmanda SlavinAlex Banayan, and Rand Fishkin. This episode is a great recap of the podcast thus far.

I've been interviewed on other podcasts over 60 times but this one is one of my favorites because Jess is a skilled interviewer that brought out the best in me, a best I didn't know I had.

Links to the interviews mentioned are below.

James Altucher: https://jordanparis.com/ep126

Robert Greene: https://jordanparis.com/ep177

Derek Sivers: https://jordanparis.com/ep169

Naveen Jain:  https://jordanparis.com/ep124

Dan Millman: https://jordanparis.com/ep139

Amanda Slavin: https://jordanparis.com/ep166

Alex Banayan: https://jordanparis.com/ep170

Rand Fishkin: https://jordanparis.com/ep146

This episode was originally published at https://www.graystokemedia.com/episode/391.

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