July 6, 2020

Zuby | The Truth About "Black Lives Matter" (The Organization, Not the Statement)

Feeling tired of the extreme virtue-signaling competition happening on social media, I tweeted last week, "I can’t wait until people get tired of cancel culture and the 'woke' mob."

I can’t wait until people get tired of cancel culture and the “woke” mob.

— Jordan Paris 🚀 (@JordanTParis) June 25, 2020

My friend Don Wettrick replied, "I think many, MANY are. It's just that Twitter pushes them to the top. I would like for people w principles and calm would speak out more. @naval ^ @ZubyMusic come to mind."

I think many, MANY are. It's just that Twitter pushes them to the top. I would like for people w principles and calm would speak out more. @naval ^ @ZubyMusic come to mind.

— Don Wettrick (@DonWettrick) June 25, 2020

Zuby saw it and retweeted my original tweet with a comment, "Some of us have been for 5+ years."

Some of us have been for 5+ years. https://t.co/ogfPqUOFf3

— ZUBY: (@ZubyMusic) June 25, 2020

A quick look at the comments showed just how many people are sick and tired of the virtue-signaling social justice warriors, cancel culture, and the woke mob.

Yet, very few are speaking out against this because of how vicious social justice warriors are when you oppose them, or have any sort differing opinion (they'll try to "cancel" you).

I must do a podcast about this, I thought. If people don't want to follow me or listen to my podcast anymore because of this episode, then so be it. I don't exactly value people who are a part of cancel culture and the "woke" mob as listeners of my podcast anyway so I could care less if they "cancel" me. Plus, as one listener puts it, "I don’t see how anyone is able to absorb self-improvement info while maintaining a victim mentality which is essentially what creates cancel culture."

So, I emailed Zuby. He replied 59 minutes later: "Let's do it."

We discussed...

  • The mindless destruction of statues
  • Why Zuby says black people actually aren't oppressed
  • Socialism
  • The media's effect on people
  • Why radical feminism is a greater threat to humanity than climate change
  • Who social justice warriors really are
  • The truth about "Black Lives Matter" (the organization, not the statement)
  • How to deal with cancel culture and the "woke" mob if they come after you

Regarding Black Lives Matter, I thought the George Floyd killing was terrible. Everyone agrees on this. However, my first suspicion that something was a bit off with the whole movement was when I realized everyone saying something to the effect of, "If you say silent, you are a racist." I disagree. Strongly. One virtue-signaler on LinkedIn went so far as to tag me and a few of my podcast guests like Grant Cardone and Mark Manson in a post with our follower counts attached to our names whilst pressuring us to speak out. Seriously. Check it out below:

"This is not to shame anyone," she says, "but I'm simply asking you to say something." Actually, shaming people is exactly what you are doing, "Whiskey".

At the time, I planned on staying silent for fear of the woke mob trying to cancel me.

I live as the best person I can be every day, loving everyone. I don't feel the need to shout from the mountain top about how great and virtuous I am. I don't feel the need to prove that I am virtuous because I operate through a place of love and kindness every single day and prove it through my actions.

But apparently I'm "part of the problem" for not posting about it. I treat people of all races and genders with respect in real life, I am against racism, and I don't have to tell people about it on social media. For that, I'm part of the solution.

Anyway, after doing more research about the BLM organization, I see that many of the founders describe themselves as "trained Marxists." Interesting.

Then, seeing people violently protest in the streets and mindlessly tear down statues of historic figures made me realize these are anarchists who, in the words of one BLM leader in a Fox News interview, "will burn down this system and replace it." And by the way, socialism is what they really want. Also interesting to note here is the first amendment, which states that the people have a right to peacefully assemble. The first amendment does not include the right to violently assemble. Make no mistake: Those who violently protest in the streets, killing people and looting small businesses in the process, are terrorists.

But I digress. The content in this post and my conversation with Zuby is only the tip of the iceberg regarding the truth behind the Black Lives Matter organization. I encourage you to do your own research about Black Lives Matter. It's scary.

While I am wholeheartedly for the immutable fact that black lives do matter, I am wholeheartedly against the "Black Lives Matter" organization.

Zuby (@ZubyMusic) is a British rapper, podcast host, and author. He was born in England and raised in Saudi Arabia. In March 2019, Zuby garnered worldwide attention by posting a video in which he claimed to have broken the British Women's deadlift record of 238kg (528 pounds). Zuby claimed that he "identified as a woman whilst lifting the weight". Zuby later declared on Twitter that he "took the UK women's bench press record too". He stated that "I don't think trans women should be allowed to compete in women's sport."

Follow Zuby: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Listen to Zuby's other podcast appearances that I enjoyed: The Joe Rogan Experience | The Candace Owens Show | The Ben Shapiro Show

Listen to Zuby's podcast, Real Talk with Zuby. I recommend the episode with Lauren Chen.

Visit Zuby at https://www.zubymusic.com/.

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