December 7, 2020

Lockdowns and Mask Mandates Don't Work | Tom Woods

My guest today describes what we're dealing with in 2020 as a cult - The Covid Cult - where the leaders are never wrong. Evidence to the contrary doesn’t matter. People outside the cult are subhuman and selfish and are to be ridiculed and shamed. They have propagandic slogans like “follow the science” and “stay home, save lives” and “new normal”...

A few weeks back, a friend sent me a presentation called "The Cult(ure) of Scientific Misdirection".

Over a period of 20 minutes, the speaker proceeds to utterly destroy (with data) the "stay home, remain terrified, question nothing" narrative being pushed by the mainstream media.

The presentation was a breath of sanity and I believe it is one we all need right now. In addition to this podcast, the presentation is a must-watch. You can check it out on YouTube or (if it gets taken down by YouTube) I must say, around the 11-minute mark when he starts showing the charts, I was screaming laughing!

Anyhow, as you may have guessed by the website link above, my guest today is Tom Woods. We discuss the irrefutable evidence behind the fact that lockdowns and mask mandates do not work. Sources are at

Tom is the host of The Tom Woods Show and he is the author of 12 books (including a couple of New York Times best-sellers). Tom, quite the scholar, has his bachelor's in history from Harvard, his master's in philosophy and Ph.D. from Columbia University.

I also highly recommend his free e-book titled Your Facebook Friends Are Wrong About the Lockdown, which you can get by texting "Lockdown" to 33444 or visiting

Connect with Tom: Facebook | Twitter | Parler

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