May 3, 2024

Noah Ryan: Becoming a Healthier, Happier Human

Noah Ryan is hands down the best person to follow on Twitter if you want to learn how to be a healthier, happier human. And today, he's on the podcast.

We chat about: tap water,  how Noah transformed his jawline, over optimizing for your health, being healthy while simultaneously living WELL, how to interpret and handle depression, mental health in the picture of overall health and wellbeing, how to end cravings for junk food, gut microbiome and Dr Gundry's book Plant Paradox, dedicating time to thinking, Noah's relationship with social media, how isolation will ruin you, treating your life like a science experiment, long-term travel, how to find a good beach community in South America, why Noah optimizes for always being near a body of water, EMFs, and much more.

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