August 10, 2023

My Interview on Stick Talk with the Founders of Client Ascension

In this episode of the STICK TALK podcast, the boys sit down with Jordan Paris. They discuss building a successful business, their dream of creating a strong community within their company, and Paris' experience interviewing big names such as Grant Cardone, Dan Lok, Robert Greene, and Mark Manson, among others.

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Time stamps:

0:00 - The pressure to make it at a young age

01:02 - Jordan Paris discusses his past experiences in podcasting

06:23 - Jordan Paris shares his strategy of cold emailing to land high-profile guests

11:37 - Jordan reflects on his past self and the gradual change in his mindset and identity

13:05 - Reflecting on past decisions and the impact of pivots

16:24 - The importance of building systems in businesses

22:57 - The importance of extending your timeline

25:00 - The negative impact of unrealistic expectations

29:10 - Why you need to find your purpose

34:46 - The importance of finding the right fit for the company culture

45:38 -  Jordan's experience traveling as an entrepreneur

46:55 - The advantages of staying in Airbnb while traveling in Europe

48:39 - How to save money in Europe

54:44 - Jordan's favorite place to visit in Europe

59:38 - Jordan's experience writing books

01:01:37 - Jordan shares his most awkward podcast interviews

01:09:59 - Jordan's future goals

01:14:46 - The issue of finding purpose after achieving financial and time freedom

01:20:45 - The vulnerability of in-person interactions

01:21:45 - Jordan shares their vision for Quintessential, aiming to become the greatest online education company

01:25:07 - Jordan chooses his favorite dinner guests

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